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Message from our CEO

Enterprise success and existence today is tightly bound to its adoption of the best in class technology. For many years, Y.B.A. Kanoo through its fully owned subsidiary, K-SOFT, has provided unique solutions in niche fields of technology reflecting beyond its own needs for technology to run its diverse business operations. With our wide scope of expertise in various industries, we have been able to provide solutions to multiple sectors ranging from Oil and Gas, Banking, Logistics, Customs etc.

Our customers seek professional and fast technology services while maintaining competitive prices. We invite you to explore our technology and service offerings through our carefully selected partners. At K-SOFT, we thrive to build our success on the legacy of the Y.B.A. Kanoo founder. Our mission is to become the leading provider of IT Security and Specialized Software Solutions in our region and beyond.”

Warm wishes,
Jameel Al Sharaf

Our Team

Rajesh Ramanathan

General Manager

Prakash Manikantan

Software Solutions

Nelgin Nepolean

Cyber Security Solutions

Hema Chandran

Marketing Manager