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Security assessment helps to identify, analyze, rank, prioritize, and safely exploit vulnerabilities, demonstrating the associated technical security risk and flaws of the information systems within the scope and the effectiveness of the security systems that protect them.
Security assessment services help our clients to understand weaknesses in the hardware and software configurations and potential impact of such vulnerabilities on the entire IT infrastructure. Our reports enable the client to prioritize risks mitigation plan based on the risk impact on the business. K-SOFT provides details of the identified vulnerabilities, exploit methodology used, risk rating, guidance and references to reduce or mitigate the identified vulnerabilities. The assessment also tests the ability of the security controls in blocking or preventing attacks.
While other forms of security assessment provide a theoretical articulation of vulnerability using automated scanning tools, our security testing demonstrates real-world attack technique against vulnerabilities providing unique visibility into security risks automated tools often missed.

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) & Penetration Testing (PT)
VA is the process of identifying technical, procedural or configuration weakness. PT seeks to exploit any vulnerability to measure real-world impact and allows clients to prioritize risks and risk mitigation.

Secure Configuration Audit (SCA)
A technical assessment of servers and devices configuration, to reduce attack surfaces. SCA helps assess & benchmark operating systems and device configuration against secure baseline configuration from OEM, or SCAP or CIS benchmarks.
Secure Code Review
We help clients adopt secure coding practices during development or pre-deployment stage, to identify/eliminate common vulnerabilities at an early stage. Integration of regular security code review into Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) enhances quality of the code developed, improves cost effectiveness, and reduces reputation and operating risks

Secure Architecture Review
We assess current IT Infra architecture against industry best practice, and threat scenarios relevant to client; this enables prioritized recommendations on improvements and additional controls for threat mitigation based on Defense-In-Depth and secure by design security principles.

Managed Security Services (SOC/MDR/SIEM as a Service)
An effective security monitoring requires expert skills and resources, which we can provide you, reliably and cost-effectively. Our managed SIEM solution will collect event logs and intelligently correlate the events and incidents in your systems and networks and will alert you for effective cyber security.

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