DDoS Solution

DDoS attacks are increasing in scale and complexity, threatening to overwhelm the internal resources of businesses globally. These attacks combine high-volume traffic with stealthy, low-and-slow, application-targeted techniques. To stop DDoS attacks from reaching the enterprise network, organizations need a hybrid solution for cloud-based mitigation in addition to on-premises protection.

F5 Silverline

F5 Silverline DDoS Protection is a service delivered via the F5 Silverline cloud-based platform. It detects and mitigates DDoS attacks in real-time, with industry-leading DDoS attack mitigation bandwidth to stop even the largest of volumetric DDoS attacks from ever reaching your network.

F5 Silverline is your first line of defense against today’s massive DDoS attacks and has 10 times the bandwidth per customer of the largest existing DDoS mitigation providers. F5 Silverline has very large, very new data centers with the latest equipment built specifically to deal with the attacks seen in the last year. F5 Silverline is a service and so is underpinned by an experienced team of highly skilled and certified SOC analysts in our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center.
F5 Silverline protects against the entire spectrum of DDoS attacks, from Layer 7 attacks to the increasingly frequent large-scale attacks, many of which have overwhelmed traditional DDoS mitigation services and exceeded the size of the Internet pipe before any traffic can even reach an organization on-premises mitigation equipment.