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Data Analytics, Statistical Process Control & Continuous Process Improvement Software.

K-SOFT is partnered with NWA – USA for their statistically process-based software products to help you meet your quality analysis needs, ranging from SPC analysis for a single user, up through a total Quality Information System.

Using various quality tools it helps real-time monitoring of critical process outputs and control inputs of multilocation plants in a centralized format through various analytical charts like Control Chart, Cause and Effect Charts, Histograms, Pareto Analysis, Scattered, Check sheets, Stratification diagram, etc.

NWA Solution Offerings : 

  • Data Discovery

  • Data Classification

  • Data Life Cycle Management

  • Data Loss Prevention with an Executive Dashboard for easy monitoring

CAMO ANALYTICS – Unscrambler suite

Analytical Modeling, Prediction and Optimization Software.

Camo is the leader in industrial analytics and the preferred partner for industry leaders digitizing their value chain. With a world-class industrial analytics platform, we help companies optimize processes and product quality through innovative analytical solutions.

Founded in 1984 by Norwegian scientists, Camo has applied analytical science to process and product quality problems for decades. Camo’s Unscrambler is the industry-leading tool for modeling, prediction, optimization using powerful analytics, interactive visualizations for developing products faster, improving product quality, and optimizing processes. It is the preferred tool for 25000 scientists, researchers, and engineers who need to analyze large and complex data sets quickly, easily, and accurately.
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Send Quick

sendQuick® is an SMS (Short Message Service) Server application which companies use for enterprise communication between employees, customers and business partners efficiently and effectively.
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Multi-Modal Logistics & Trade Facilitation Software

Kale Logistics specialize in providing solutions for Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Shipping Line Agents, Stevedores, Surveyors, Container Freight Stations, Equipment Control Providers, Vessel Charterers, 3PL operators, Warehouse Operators, e-Commerce Logistics Players, Transportation Providers, Airport Cargo Terminal Operators, Other Air, and Ocean Port Cargo Stakeholders and helping them to achieve faster growth, standardize processes and operational efficiencies.

K-SOFT partners with Kale Logistics in providing International and Domestic Air Cargo Management System – Galaxy to our customers in the GCC region.

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GO-GLOBAL from GRAPHON helps your users to easy remote access your applications and documents from virtually anywhere regardless of connection, location, platform, or OS by creating a secure, private cloud environment.  It is a cost-effective solution to deploy as compared to complex alternatives such as Citrix XenApp or limited solutions such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

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SPIRION is a US-based company specializing in providing enterprise data management software that helps businesses in Sensitive Data Protection and Data Loss Prevention. This is a quick and easy-to-deploy data management solution that helps organizations avoid costly data breaches by

  • Data Discovery

  • Data Classification

  • Data Life Cycle Management

  • Data Loss Prevention with an Executive Dashboard for easy monitoring

It helps to monitor and protect pilferage of personal information, medical records, credit card numbers, and intellectual property stored across the enterprise, within e-mail, and in the cloud
This solution is ideally suited for companies functioning in the healthcare, public sector, retail, education, financial services, energy, industrial and entertainment markets
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