GEUTEBRÜCK – AI Enabled Video Management, Cameras, and Imaging Solutions

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GEUTEBRÜCK Solution Highlights

  • One of the world-renowned Video Management and Security Analysis Solution with intelligent image recognition inbuilt AI capability.

  • Manufactured in Germany

  • GEUTEBRÜCK – Video Management Software’s, Cameras and Recording systems have been monitoring and protecting priceless historic treasures, critical industrial infrastructures, oilfield business (onshore and offshore), video surveillance entire cities, citizens and mass public events – against break-ins, perimeter security, espionage, extremist attacks or sabotage. For enterprises who want to optimize their processes with video detection using artificial intelligence (AI) GEUTEBRÜCK has end to end solution.

  • Industry vertical based Ready Solutions using video surveillance are available for logistics, cargo loading/offloading, conveyer belt parcel tracking, locating lost/incorrectly stored items etc.

  • ANPR/LPR designed for GCC, Europe, Australia and USA region available in Arabic and English with automatic number plate recognition and gate control.

  • GEUTEBRÜCK – Video Management System can seamlessly interface to multiple security applications and sensors like fault detection sensors, fire alarms, biometrics, access controls etc.

  • Supports H.264 / 265 / HEVC quality standards for broadcast applications.


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